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Doubt's about Johnson Controls

1. Project management is not what they are known for.

2. The District could hire a temporary project manager loyal to the District at a much reduced rate of pay rather than pay millions to JC.

3. JC is setting up its contracts with architects and engineers to insure that they get the lowest reimbursement for their work possible. This will discourage well established firms from taking on these projects and make them dependent upon JC rather than the School District.

Also, local firms that hope to do business with the District know that they will be supplicants to JC and will be unwilling to advise the District honestly if the advice interferes with JC's profit margins.

4. The very act of advising the District to avoid voters is cause for alarm. JC is spending a lot more money on lawyers than a project like this should engender.

5. The report JC rushed to the State has been sloppy, reporting for instance that after the building program is complete Congdon School will have a 40 percent minority population and Grant will have an 8 percent minority population.

6. At every phase of JC's planning the company has played fast and loose with the School Board.

A. Their proposal was not what the District called for in its RFP. In fact, the RFP asked specifically for programming to be considered in the plan. To date planning for programming has been deferred.

B. The Survey questions were misleading, and the interpretation questionable.

7. JCI Fraud Page

8. Harry Welty was recently sent a threatening letter by the Two Harbor's School Superintendent when he wrote this harmless comment about JCI in his blog.

ďA number of stories are starting to circulate about Johnson Controls unsavory business practices. I donít know what to make of them. Last night at our meeting one person said that JC had been kicked out of the Two Harbors District. Two Harbors is having serious problems with its new High School. It too seems to have been an over ambitious project. What part JC had in its planning I have no idea. Its something to research.Ē
Of course, Harry couldn't help but post the letter and blog about the threat.

9 JCI's little deceits. How it sold the Red Plan to an unsuspecting public.



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