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This is last year's petition to the Governor says:

Let Duluth Vote! We, the eligible voters of Independent School District 709 (Duluth), petition Governor Pawlenty and the Dept. of Education to order a referendum for the proposed $293 million bond which is now in the hands of the state for review and comment. These are some of our concerns:

 Minnesota law only provides a few modest exceptions for letting school districts bond without voter approval. These exceptions include meeting fire and safety codes and making schools handicap accessible. Duluth’s proposal is for a major overhaul of its school facilities.

 The intent of the legislature is clear. State statutes grant only two Minnesota school districts the specific authority to bond without voter approval. They are Minneapolis and St. Paul. As no similar authority has been granted to any other school District, including ISD 709, it is clear that the legislature never meant for the Duluth School District to bypass voters for a proposal of this magnitude.

 For a hundred years Duluth voters have had the opportunity to vote on major bond proposals. Until today the largest bond proposed for the Duluth Schools was for $55 million in 1989. Today’s $293 million bond dwarfs that proposal. With interest it could end up costing district taxpayers half-a-billion dollars. This would place a greater financial burden on school district taxpayers than Duluth’s $305 million city retiree health health insurance obligation places on Duluth taxpayers who are in most cases the same taxpayers.

 Last year, Governor Pawlenty insisted on a referendum before he would permit Duluth to raise $30 million in sales taxes for the DECC expansion. We plead with the Governor to remain consistent as Duluth voters face what may be the largest school bond in Minnesota History. Let Duluth vote!

We at Let Duluth Vote are determined to put the Red Plan up for a vote no matter what. The new School Board will be seated on January 8th of 2008. The latest that a decision by the Governor could be handed down in October 15th, three weeks before the School Board election. The School Board has December to iniate the Red plan. We hope they will bow to the will of their constituents. If they do not we have several alternatives which will prevent the Lame Duck School Board from continuing. They are Plan B.

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