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A Move to Remember

by Kent Worley

On August 30, 2007 , my wife and I had scheduled a moving van for a move from Duluth to Grand Rapids , Michigan .  On that morning, cars started arriving on our residential street along with 10 other residential streets close to Ordean Middle School .  Cars were solid along these streets occupying 5,000 linear feet of curb space. The Ordean parking lot was filled to over-flowing. Service vehicles and busses had to wait until the other backed into a driveway to move through the streets; people parked on curbs and crowding corners and alleys.       

We stood in front of our house trying to save space needed for the moving van, as best we could, for an hour.  Most of these who were attending a substitute teachers seminar were more than reasonable when we asked them not to park in the space as a moving van would soon arrive and need a space, approximately 53 linear feet.  One lady in a Buick SUV refused to find another space ignoring our request.  A call to the school resulted in immediate action on the part of Principal Jerry Maki, who had the owner return to remove the car before the moving van arrived.  Thank you Jerry Maki!

We learned from attendees later that the Assistant Superintendent was aware of the severe parking problem and apologized to the audience for these conditions. 

We think there is a useful lesson in this, beyond this being a strong omen to us confirming the wisdom of our move.  

The more important lesson is that this Ordean site is not large enough to accommodate needs of a high school.

State recommended site size is 50 to 55 acres of build-able land while the Ordean site is only 26 acres, some of which is un-build-able due to creek slopes, water course, and created fill slopes.

Parking shown for the proposed Ordean High School site by the ISD 709 consultant, Johnson Controls, Inc, was accurately measured to be only 250 cars.  Compare that to the recent Twin City high school [featured in the Duluth News Tribune] with parking at 2:3 ratio [parking: students].  That converts to a need of 990 parking spaces for the 1.500 student population Ordean.  So where does Johnson Controls or ISD 709 expect the remaining [990-250 cars = 740] cars  to park? 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. [see attached jpeg] This was prepared and presented to Johnson Controls in June.  The solution is to develop a new westerly entrance/egress to and from Ordean which will solve 40th Avenue East , London Road and Superior Street congestion. 

This westerly entrance provides on-site arrival and parking for 850 student & staff cars, school busses and parents permitting all to arrive and return from either London Road or Superior Street in any of 4 directions. 

An existing platted & un-built street right-of-way exists making a westerly entrance possible.  [this is parallel to and on the upper side of the railroad tracks]  No residential development exists along this un-built street right-of-way assuring no impact or conflicts.  This entry drive will alleviate and solve existing congestion at London Road and Superior Street intersections with 40th Avenue East .  Superior Street and 40th are arterial major through-going streets; for all-around SAFETY, the school building needs to be built back away from these streets and provide more ‘interior site' space for facility needs such as parking, bus circulation, parent drop-off, facility expansion needs, managing water runoff, snow storage, maintenance equipment and structure, general open space and exterior student gathering space—again providing enough space for needed safety and security.

We would ask that individual School Board Members make it clear to Administration and Johnson Controls that this facility, as well as all other ISD 709 facilities, need to be accomplished completely, correctly and safely in a manner that accomplishes the site and neighborhood needs outlined in this communication.


Kent and Ruth Worley

Duluth residents until August 31, 2007


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