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No one has a better idea what the Red Plan portends for the new Ordean High School with its infusion of half of Central High's student body than Kent Worley.

Kent Worley is a landscape architect who almost single handedly insisted that when I-35 was carved through down town Duluth it be done right. Much of the scenic quality of the construction was Kent's brainchild. He had been such a pain in the neck to city and highway bureaucracies that it came as a shock to him when they approached him to spearhead the planning to integrate the highway with the City. He did a bang up job in the biggest civil engineering project in the last fifty years of Duluth's history.

Kent met with Johnson Controls engineers early in their planning where they seemed to consider him some local nobody architect. He was horrified to conclude that they had drawn up a hasty high plan without bothering to walk the property or anticipate how turning the site into a high school would impact traffic in the area. When he pointed out that the Johnson Controls plans showed a parking lot for 500 cars that was only big enough for 250 cars the JC engineer dismissively said that they would just have to "Duluthicize" the project. Does that mean that Duluth is to insignificant a city to bother about where to put the cars of 1500 high school students? Its no wonder that there are so many LET DUUTH VOTE signs in the Ordean neighborhood.

This is Kent's story about his recent move from the Ordean area.

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