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Red Plan Chronicles

A history of how we got a $297 million turkey 
shoved down our throats without a referendum.

Originally published in the Reader Weekly

written by Harry Welty

Prologue: Welty Loses Again

Part 1 Faded Miracle

Part 2 Saving Money

Part 3 Honeymoon's End - 2001

Part 4 The Puck Stops Here

Part 5 Wai Lee's Story

Part 6  Drawing from the Discard Pile

Part 7  Shut up and Sit Down

Part 8 “Duluth-i-size it” with “A Very Generous Contract”

Harry Welty is taking a holiday from writing his history of the Red Plan and will go back to publishing his idiosyncratic column called "Not Eudora" for the Reader Weekly. On occasion through the year he plans to write additional episodes for his Chronicles even while its saga plows ahead. Among the likely titles of future installments are these:

The Emperor's New Cloths

Drinking the Koolaid

When the Referendum Fails or The Seliga Solution

|Calling India

Watch Your Back

Pawlenty of Silence

If you care about Duluth and its schools 
don't put your faith in the Duluth News Tribune
The last word on the Red Plan can be found on Harry Welty's blog:
And if you're looking for some particular piece of information use the blog's search function.
You never can tell what you'll find.