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How much will the Red Plan save?

This single page is the only information that JCI and the School District sent originally to the state for review and comment on the Red Plan's supposed savings for the District. There was no backup material. Gary Glass has repeatedly asked the District for the backup but has been stonewalled. Maybe this helps explain the State's recent postponement of ruling on the Red Plan. 

One item clearly has nothing to do with the efficiency promised in the Red Plan - eliminating the elementary art, music and PE specialists. That $400,000 in savings comes from a decision not to fund those positions anymore even though in 1997 the voters passed an excess levy referendum specifically to fund these positions. But then what the voters think is of no consequence.

Another dubious savings is utilities reduction. Heating new single story buildings, despite all the new insulating properties of new construction, will not be a significant improvement on old multistory buildings where the heat rises up to heat the building floor by floor until it finally escapes from the roof.

Another questionable savings is in transportation. One of the ways the Red plan saves money is by putting an end to our magnet schools to cut down on the voluntary bussing. This savings comes at the expense of our integration plan which, ironically, is one of the reasons we can even put the Red Plan into effect without a public vote. We can avoid a referendum only because we have a state approved integration plan. We're not likely to have one afterwards.

The School Board has promised something it can't promise: that future School Boards will apply all of these theoretical savings to reduce taxes. That is a joke.

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